General Terms and Conditions  (hereinafter referred to as “this website”) is part of WOUTER TACK  (hereinafter referred to as “WT”), having its Registered Office at Eerste Aardstraat 4, 8531 Bavikhove, Belgium. Registration number of the Company: BE 0819.675.635
1. Copyright
The advertiser guarantees that it owns the copyright on the photographic and text material (the “material”) that it provides to “WT”, or that it has obtained permission from the owner of the copyright to allow “WT” to use the material. The advertiser grants “WT” a permanent licence to use the material for commercial purposes, without being liable to pay any royalties. The advertiser shall be bound to immediately compensate “WT” for all expenses, losses or liability (including legal representation expenses) incurred by “WT” on the grounds of copyright infringement arising from the use of the material. The advertiser is aware that the photographic and text material from any part of “this website” may not be copied without the permission of the copyright owner.
2. Design and layout
“WT” reserves the right to decide the final design of the advertisements on “this website”, to edit the texts, and to modify the layouts or photographs. “WT” also reserves the right to modify and edit the text data in the online advertiser database.
3. Liability
“WT” shall not be liable if an advertiser becomes a victim of fraud. “WT” does not guarantee that “this website” shall work faultlessly and without interruption. “WT” shall not be liable to the advertiser for any fraudulent, direct or indirect damages, including lost profits, on any grounds whatsoever, based on any theory of liability, and including but not limited to product liability.
4. Termination of an advertisement
If “WT” receives complaints from users concerning specific advertisements that misrepresent a property or its surroundings, we reserve the right to remove such advertisements without notice or refund. If an advertiser attempts to enter inappropriate material into the database or repeatedly misuses the online system, “WT” reserves the right to refuse all further advertisements, without being liable to pay expenses if any incurred. Advertisers may remove their advertisement from “this website” before the end of their subscription, provided they make a formal request for the same by e-mail. Unfortunately no refunds can be made.
5. Contact
In order to ensure a high level of service, all the advertisers on “this website” are requested to be available to respond to requests via phone or email. If advertisers are not going to be available for more than one week, we request them to leave a message on their answering machine or set an automatic response with an absence notification on their email account. If none of these options is possible, we request advertisers to contact us so that we can temporarily suspend their advertisement. We reserve the right to suspend advertisements of owners who are not available for more than one week. We shall in such case request them to apply for reactivation of the advertisement by phone and e-mail, after they become available again.
6. Payment policy
Payment shall be made within 14 days after a new property is registered on “this website”. All rental prices shall be exclusive of VAT. Entrepreneurs from the EU located outside Belgium who are subject to VAT are exempt from VAT in Belgium (Section 21 §7(3)).
7. Termination of Contract
Subscriptions (annual subscriptions) shall be renewed automatically. If you wish to unsubscribe, you are required to do so before the end of the year, in other words, before a new invoice is sent to you.
8. Refund policy
“WT” provides an advertising service and not a physical product. We do not offer refunds or compensation for advertisements that may or may not have expired.
9. Changes in prices and terms
“WT” reserves the right to change prices and terms without prior notice. Changes in prices shall apply immediately to new advertisers, and to existing customers at the time of the next renewal.